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Cover of His Cross Never Burns, by Alethia W. George. The life of The Reverend Samuel Williams George. Inspriational Pastor, Civil Rights Warrior, Community Activist. African American History and religion.

Title: His Cross Never Burns

Author: Alethia W. George

List Price: $19.95, ISBN 0-9744715-3-4

The Life of
The Reverend Samuel Williams George.

Inspirational Pastor,
Civil Rights Warrior,
Community Activist.

. . . a masterful work about a truly magnificent theologian, scholar, humanitarian, civil rights warrior and a self-effacing, servant of God. The [author] did not call names; she just let the story flow from the actions of the players. This is a fitting tribute to a legendary figure. His inward soul and decency are revealed fully...throughout this tremendous biography.

Alcee L. Hastings,
Member of Congress

" informed biographical look into the inspirational life of the great Reverend Samuel Williams George. As the wife of Reverend Samuel George, Alethia has produced His Cross Never Burns as an intimate telling of the man's commitment and the strength which he received from such incredible devotion to his faith. His Cross Never Burns is very strongly recommended reading, especially for those in study of African-American, history, the Civil Rights movement, and Christian living, as Reverend Samuel Williams George has been committed to his faith, family and church for the full of his inspiring life."

Midwest Book Review

ISBN 0-9744715-3-4, ©2005, $19.95, 20 per carton. Softcover, Black and white photos, 6x9 in., 275 pages. Categories include: religious, civil rights, African American history, family memoir, Pittsburgh, PA, Fort Lauderdale, FL.


An important book for all Americans.

His Cross Never Burns

o The story of the courage and commitment required in the face of racial hatred, and the strength derived from faith, church and family.

o A biography and family memoir.

o An example of the importance of an educated black middle class in the pre-civil rights South.

o A demonstration of the conflicts that exist within the African American community and the need for unity and tolerance.

o A case study of what it means to be a positive male role model.

The Reverend Samuel Williams George is a man who has made a tremendous difference through his pastorate and through his community leadership, especially during the civil rights movement. So, too, this biography demonstrates the personal challenges he was forced to confront when crime and injustice crossed the threshold of his home threatening his family's safety.

In telling the story of Reverend George, the author-his wife of 50+ years-is also telling her own story. As an educator, she influenced generations of children; as the wife of a pastor, she brought her own service to the church and community while undergoing her own challenges.

His Cross Never Burns will surely be of interest to African Americans. In the end, though, it is a book of importance for all Christians and, indeed, all Americans.

From The Book: Chapter 16 "The Intruder"

". . . . Probably in my dazed state the fearsome glare that I thought I saw in his eyes was exaggerated, but I still knew that for the first time ever, I saw an unbridled rage in my husband's eyes. . . . I actually feared for the life of my attacker would he be caught in Sam's grasp, for Sam's physical prowess equated his spiritual and mental strength."

From The Book: Chapter 1

. . . . Just before Reverend George left for Pittsburgh, PA in 1971, Mike Morgan of the Fort Lauderdale News, described the farewell tribute to Reverend George for his works in that city:

". . . His was a strong temporizing influence during the periods of racial tensions, when his calm, reasoned approach modified a number of dangerous situations."

"So they did him large honor and gave him warm speeches. . . but nothing he takes away with him is as valuable as that which he brought to and left with Broward County."

About the Author

The author and her husband, the Reverend Samuel George, live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where they remain active in their church and community while in retirement.

The author Alethia George and the Reverend Samuel George. His Cross Never Burns. Reverend George was an inspirational pastor, a civil rights warrior, and a community activist in both Fort Lauderdale, Florida and in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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