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For Authors FAQs

What types of titles do you publish?
  • We publish works related to history and heritage.
  • We have published both non-fiction and fiction titles, as well as childrens books, however, our focus is on non-fiction titles.
  • Our motto is "All History Is Local." We publish titles of general, national, and international interest, but as our company name implies, we will always work to foster titles related to a locale.
  • A key advantage of working with a small independent publisher is our ability to spend more time with our authors to create high quality products.
How do I submit something for consideration?
  • You can send us a complete manuscript, or a proposal.
  • Include a brief summary (maximum of one or two pages) about your work and why it should be published. What is different about this work from similar works? Why is it important? Describe the market for the work and who is likely to buy it.
  • If you are sending us a proposal instead of a manuscript, send at least one sample chapter and an outline of the entire work. Include any bibliography that you have assembled thus far..
  • Tell us why you are the appropriate author. If the works is non-fiction, don't be intimidated by a lack of academic degrees and other professional credentials, as long as you can make the case that you know your subject and can articulate your thesis and arguments.
  • Include a brief biography and summary of your other publications.
  • If you have access to illustrations that will enhance the work, describe them briefly.
  • It is not necessary, nor do we recommend, that you spend a lot of effort on detailed formatting of the manuscript. We do not expect or desire camera ready copy at this point. We are far more interested in the creative content.
  • We require hard copy submissions for consideration. Do not submit anything electronic at this stage.
  • IMPORTANT: Please, if you are contacting us via Email, DO NOT Email us ANY images or file attachments.
  • Do NOT send us your only copy. Do not send originals of illustrations or photos. We CANNOT guarantee that they will get to us or that we will return them to you.
Where do I send my submission?
  • Please mail hard copy materials to:

    Editor, The Local History Company
    112 NORTH Woodland Road
    Pittsburgh, PA 15232-2849
    (be sure to spell out "NORTH")

  • We suggest that when sending via USPS, you purchase delivery confirmation so that you can confirm its arrival at our offices.
  • Please include a self addressed stamped envelope if you want us to return your submission.
Am I likely to hear from you? When?
  • We will contact you if we are interestd in your work. If we are interested, we typically respond about three to four months after receiving your package, but this is highly dependent on our backlog of manuscripts, and may take longer. If you have not heard from us in four months, you can assume that we are interested in your work. Make certain you've included all your contact information.

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