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Click for details on Lucky Eddie: The Life, Times, and Family of former U.S. Congressman, Edward G. Breen. By Edward Focke Breen.

Lucky Eddie: The Life, Times, and Family of former U.S. Congresman, Edward G. Breen.
by Edward Focke Breen.

Preface by the Honorable Tony P. Hall, United Nations Ambassador, former Ohio Congressman, and three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

The astonishing story of one man and one family who went from hardworking immigrants to wealth and political power. It is a cultural history of America from the mid-19th through the mid-20th centuries, as the central character and his extended family encountered the luminaries of their day who were shaping ideas and history.

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Click for details on Misfortunes of Wealth, by James Oliver Goldsborough. Where inherited wealth and family intersect - not always for the good.

Misfortunes of Wealth.
by James Oliver Goldsborough.

Where Inherited Wealth and Family Intersect
Not always for the good

Explores one of American society's endlessly fascinating scenarios, the one where inherited wealth and family intersect. Best of all, the story is true, and takes the reader on a journey beginning with Revolutionary War heroes down through succeeding generations of Civil War notables, industrial titans, an improbable love story with an eleven-year courtship, a couple besotted and befuddled by all that is given them, and finally, a son who not only survives but thrives.

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Click for details on The Names of Pittsburgh: How the City, Neighborhoods, Streets, Parks and more got their names, by Bob Regan..

The Names of Pittsburgh.
by Bob Regan.

How the City, Neighborhoods, Streets,.
Parks and more got their names.

Bob Regan once again mines the rich vein of Pittsburgh’s history by continually finding new lenses through which to view the past. Regan explores the names of the men and women—not to mention scientific paraphernalia, patents, astronomical terms, grape varietals, et al.—from the region’s history which dot the landscape.

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Click for details on The Bridges of Pittsburgh, by Bob Regan, with photos by Tim Fabian. The definitive book on the city's bridges. Includes 10 mapped tours for walkers, hikers, bikers, drivers, and boaters.

The Bridges of Pittsburgh.
by Bob Regan, with photos by Tim Fabian.

It's official: 446 bridges.
More bridges than any other City.

The definitive book on Pittsburgh bridges. Often called "The City of Bridges", Pittsburgh has more bridges than Venice, Italy! With 150 B/W photos, maps and drawings. Includes ten self-guided tours for walkers, cyclists, drivers, and boaters.

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Click for details on His Cross Never Burns. The life of The Reverend Samuel Williams George, inspirational pastor, civil rights warrior, and community activist. African American history, and reliious leader in both Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

His Cross Never Burns.
by Alethia W. George.

The life of The Reverend Samuel Williams George
Inspirational Pastor,
Civil Rights Warrior,
Community Activist.

African American History. An important book for all Americans.

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Click for details on The Stone House Diaries by Robert Moore, an historical novel of Niagara Falls, that covers pre-confederation Canadian history, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, up through recent history and urban renewal.

The Stone House Diaries.
by Robert C. Moore.

An historical novel of Niagara Falls
One Stone House;
Generations of History.

Captures the history of Niagara Falls, NY through reflections of several generations of residents.

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Click for details on New World Waiting. Molly is a 15 year old immigrant in Pittsburgh with her mother, having left her father and brothers back in Poland. Chapter book for readers 10 to 14. Juvenile fiction amd chapter books.

New World Waiting.
by Anne G. Faigen.

New World, new challenges for young Molly.
Molly's a spirited immigrant tackling a
new world in the Pittsburgh of 1900.
Chapter book for readers aged 10 to 14.

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Click for details on Allen H. Eaton, Dean of American Crafts, by David B. Van Dommelen. For those interested in Art history, Oregon, crafts, handicrafts.

Allen H. Eaton, Dean of American Crafts.
by David B. Van Dommelen.

The only biography of mid-20th century
America's leading handicrafts advocate.

An important book for anyone interested in the rise of handicrafts in America, and also anyone who needs to be reminded of the devastating impact political shenanigans and wartime politics can have on an individual.

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Tyrconnel, an antebellum adventure along the C and O canal, a juvenile fiction book by Charles Furtney is set just before the civil war and follows the adventures of Lt. Shirley from Washington, D.C., up along the canal through Maryland to Tyrconnel farm near Harper's Ferry, VA.

Tyrconnel: An Antebellum Adventure Along The C&O Canal
by Charles S. Furtney.

Adventure, Intrigue, Romance, History, and more
For readers from 10 to 110.

The author spins a Civil War historical mystery adventure along the C. and O. Canal from Washington, D.C. to Harpers Ferry. Inspired by his ancestors' lives on farms in northern Maryland.

The Great Saint Patrick's Day Flood, a juvenile fiction book by Mildred Flaherty. An historical novel for grade school readers interested in pittsburgh, history and exciting stories.Teacher's Study Guide also available.

The Great Saint Patrick's Day Flood
by Mildred Flaherty.

Adventure, danger, and heroism. For readers 7 and up.

March 1936: Eleven-year-old Billy Flynn and his seven-year-old brother Tommy are happy when Pittsburgh schools are closed. The boys’ excitement turns to fear and awe as the rivers overflow their banks and people are forced to flee. Soon they experience life as they've never known it, discovering real courage and honor along the way.

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  The steps of pittsburgh, portrait of a city by Bob Regan, with photos by Tim Fabian. 712 sets of steps for transportation, hiking, jogging, walking, climbing, exercise.

The Steps of Pittsburgh: Portrait of a City
by Bob Regan, with photos by Tim Fabian.

One City, 712 sets of steps, 44,645 vertical feet.
Sort of like climbing Mt. Everest.

Includes Six walking tours with directions and maps.

Meticulously researched and documented; combines fun facts and stories with serious research and beautiful photography.
Frank Toker, author of Pittsburgh, An Urban Portrait and Fallingwater Rising.

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Pittsburgh, a place in time, by Abby Mendelson. Essays and stories about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area neighborhoods and its people. The Local History Company.

Pittsburgh: A Place In Time (2nd edition, revised and enlarged)
by Abby Mendelson.

Mendelson's essays show us Pittsburgh's heart, taking us on a tour of the city's neighborhoods, and some of its more interesting, and colorful, characters.

“Mendelson's love for the city is evident... It has the flow of good conversation, and it rewards reading and rereading.” Samuel Hazo
Poet Laureate of Pennsylvania, President, International Poetry Forum.

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The Pittsburgh that stays within you, by Samuel Hazo. Essays and stories about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and its history and heritage by one of its leading authors. The Local History Company.

The Pittsburgh that stays within you
by Samuel Hazo, with art by Robert Qualters

Samuel Hazo has written Pittsburgh's memoir, and his eloquent essays capture the spirit, even the soul of Pittsburgh. His work is accompanied by the artwork of renowned Pittsburgh artist Robert Qualters.

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The search for Peter Hunt, by Lynn Van Dine. Explores the life of the twentieth century's most famous folk artist, Cape Cod, art history, Helena Rubenstein

The Search For Peter Hunt
by Lynn Van Dine

"Equal parts mystery novel, ghost story, romance, and cultural history of the mid-20th century, The Search for Peter Hunt is unlike any book I've ever read..."

Tim Clark, Contributing Editor, Yankee Magazine

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The great allegheny passage companion, guide to history and heritage along the trail. By Bill Metzger. A Mile-by-mile guide with maps, illstrations, and historical photos. The Local History Comapny.

The Great Allegheny Passage Companion:
Guide To History And Heritage Along The Trail
by Bill Metzger

“A carefully researched history of one of America's great multi-use trails by an animated storyteller. Even those familiar with the Great Allegheny Passage will find themselves saying: ‘Hey, I didn't know that.’”

Larry Walsh, Recreational Bicycling Columnist, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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The road taken, a journey in time down pennsylvania route 45. By Joan Morse Gordon. The Local History Company, publishers of history and heritage, Pittsburgh, PA.

***** 5 star rating by Midwest Book Review. "Picturesque black-and-white photographs, soulful observations and colorful local personalities make The Road Taken a genuine treat for the armchair traveler and/or the Pennsylvania history buff."

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Buter County, Pennsylvania celebrates its bicentennial. By the Butler Eagle staff. The Local History Comapny, publishers of history and heritage, Pittsburgh, PA.

Butler County, Pennsylvania Celebrates Its Bicentennial
by the staff of the Butler Eagle

The Butler Eagle takes the reader on a compelling journey through 200 years of Butler County history. This is a terrific book for anyone with a connection to Butler and for anyone interested in a slice of genuine Americana.

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