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Cover of The Bridges of Pittsburgh, by Bob Regan, with photos by Tim Fabian. The definitive book on the city's bridges. Includes 10 mapped tours for walkers, hikers, bikers, drivers, and boaters.

Title: The Bridges of Pittsburgh
Author: Bob Regan
Photos by Tim Fabian

List Price: $22.95, ISBN 0-9770429-2-8

It's Official: 446 Bridges.
More than Venice Italy.

Pittsburgh is indeed:
The City of Bridges.

"A celebration of the area's bridges that is precisely documented, user-friendly, and informative."

Al Tannler,
Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation

"What hooked [Bob and Tim] wasn't merely the glory stuff--although there's plenty of that... Instead, it was the little things, some sculpture here, a footbridge there, hidden, forgotten stuff that can't be found anywhere else. Now [their book is] a definitive catalogue of all 446 bridges in the City of Pittsburgh, with 150 current and historical photos, and 10 user-friendly tours..., still, the best part of The Bridges of Pittsburgh is the 10 mapped tours."

Abby Mendelson, reviewing for
PopCityMedia online magazine

"If I was a tourist in Pittsburgh I would buy this book. It is saturated with Pittsburgh flavor, readily readable at any point to which you may open it, with a hand-friendly size and a modest price."

Bob Bailey, architect, reviewing for
American Institute of Architects Pittsburgh's Columns magazine
Click HERE for AIA site to dowload Columns May issue PDF.

"Includes enough facts for victory at any backyard trivia encounter."

"...a city of bridges that span generations, no abutments about it."

Dave Crawley, KD Country
KDKA Television interview with the author and photographer.
Click HERE to view the TV interview.

ISBN 0-9770429-2-8, $22.95, 24 per carton. 182 pages, Trade paperback, 6x9 in. 150 black and white images including photos, drawings, and maps. 10 tour maps for walkers, cyclists, drivers, and boaters. Categories include: Architecture, travel, bridges, Pittsburgh, PA, South-Western Pennsylvania, engineering, urban life, local history.


Often called "The City of Bridges", Pittsburgh has more bridges than any other city, including Venice, Italy. This is the definitive book on Pittsburgh's bridges by the same duo that brought you The Steps of Pittsburgh. The bridges are architectural and engineering marvels, soaring over rivers and valleys and contributing to the city's unique sense of place. The book honors them all and includes 150 contemporary and historical photos, tour maps, and historical drawings, along with detailed tables including The Big List identifying each and every bridge in the count.

Includes ten self-guided tours for walkers, cyclists, drivers, and boaters.


1. Bridge Basics
2. Bridge Types
3. Bridge Vocabulary
4. Bridge History
5. Pittsburgh's Bridge Pioneers
6. The Head Count
7. Beyond Numbers
8. Pittsburgh Bridge Firsts and Accolades
9. Bridge Safety
10. Bridges in the Arts and Education
11. Bridges and Theoretical Mathematics
12. The Bridges: A Closer Look
13. The Big 'uns
14. Historic Big 'uns
15. Some Lesser Known Bridges
16. Railroad Bridges
17. Pedestrian Bridges
18. Tunnels (negative bridges)
19. Unique Pittsburgh Bridges
20. Under the Bridges and on the Rivers
21. Driving Tour
22. Driving and Walking Tours
- Wilksboro Avenue Suspension Footbridge
- Windgap Suspension Footbridge
23. Walking Tours
- Downtown Walking Tour
- Schenley Park Trails Tour
24. Bicycle Tours
- Tour du Ponts-Sud (southern tour)
- Tour du Ponts-Nord (northern tour)
25. River Tours
- Downtown Excursion
- Upper MON Tour
- Upper AL Tour
Epilogue: The Future
Appendix I: The Herr's Island Bridge by David Tolge
Appendix II: The Big List: Bridges within or at the boundary of the City of Pittsburgh
References and Sources
Author and Photographer

About the Author and Photographer

The Author (on the right in the photo below): Bob Regan is a Visiting Professor at the University of Pittsburgh and a consultant specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). His professional career includes senior level positions in the federal government, major corporations, and universities. His personal interests revolve around bicycling, and he manages, despite the Pittsburgh climate, to cover 2,000-3,000 miles a year doing so.

The Photographer (on the left in the photo below): Tim Fabian is a professional photographer and president of ProPhoto, Inc. His work has been in numerous solo and group exhibitions and he is represented in several private and corporate collections as well as in magazines. When he isn't working on photography projects that interest him, lecturing, teaching, or serving as a juror for other artists, he can be found photographing Pittsburgh, his favorite subject.

Bob and Tim collaborated previously on The Steps of Pittsburgh: Portrait of a City, ISBN 0-9711835-6-2, published by The Local History Company, Pittsburgh, PA, 2004.

The author Robert C. Moore. Author of The Stone House Diaries. An historical novel of Niagara Falls, New York. Story includes history of the region from the Revolutioary War, the War of 1812, and pre-confederation Canadian history; up through urban renewal and recent history. The author had taken care to represent historical detail.

Photo by Bill Wilson, City of Pittsburgh River Rescue Unit.

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