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Cover of The Names of Pittsburgh: How the City, Neighborhoods, Streets, Parks and more got their names.

Title: The Names of Pittsburgh
Author: Bob Regan

List Price: $19.95
ISBN-13 978-0-9770429-7-5
ISBN-10 0-9770429-7-9

How the City, Neighborhoods, Streets, Parks and more got their names.


"The god of great good fortune smiled on Pittsburgh the day Robert Regan came to town and fell in love with the city steps."

Patricia Lowry,
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,
review of The Steps of Pittsburgh by Bob Regan and Tim Fabian

"If I was a tourist in Pittsburgh I would buy [The Bridges of Pittsburgh]. It is saturated with Pittsburgh flavor, readily readable at any point to which you may open it, with a hand-friendly size and a modest price. It is enjoyable and valuable inspiring readers to develop an appreciation for bridges not typically noticed when traveling around the ’burgh'."

Bob Bailey,
AIA, Columns

"The Steps of Pittsburgh is a testament to urban moxie and adaptability. . . a fascinating little book."

Philip Langdon,
New Urban New

"From railroad, driving, and pedestrian bridges to recommended driving and walking tours, to a quick-reference ‘Big List’ of all bridges within the city, The Bridges of Pittsburgh is the definitive survey of its chosen topic."

Midwest Book Review

ISBN-13 978-0-977042987-5, $19.95, 20 per carton. 200 pages, Softcover, 6x9 in. Over 100 black and white images including photos, drawings, and maps. Includes index. Categories include: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, history, cities, nonfiction.


Bob Regan once again mines the rich vein of Pittsburgh's history by continually finding new lenses through which to view the past. His previous two books--The Steps of Pittsburgh and The Bridges of Pittsburgh--were received with acclaim, drawing fans from the Pittsburgh diaspora around the world. Undoubtedly, The Names of Pittsburgh will do the same as Regan explores the names of the men and women--not to mention scientific paraphernalia, patents, astronomical terms, grape varietals, et al.--from the region's history which dot the landscape. Each provides a segue into a broader discussion of some aspect of Pittsburgh's past.

The book is accompanied by 100 photos, maps, and illustrations, most of them historic. It also includes 10 maps suggesting areas for independent exploration of The Names of Pittsburgh.

About the Author

Bob Regan is a research professor at the University of Pittsburgh and a consultant specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). His professional career includes senior level positions in the federal government, major corporations, and universities. His personal interests revolve around bicycling, and he manages, despite the Pittsburgh climate, to cover 2,000-3,000 miles a year doing so.

He is the author of two other acclaimed books about the city, The Steps of Pittsburgh/Portrait of a City, and The Bridges of Pittsburgh, both done with photographer Tim Fabian. This is his first solo look at the region.

Photo of Bob Regan, author of The Names of Pittsburgh

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