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Cover of Lucky Eddie, The Life Times and Family of former U.S. Congressman, Edward G. Breen

Title: Lucky Eddie:The Life, Times, and Family of former U.S. Congressman, Edward G. Breen
Author: Edward Focke Breen

List Price: $19.95
ISBN-13 978-0-9770429-8-2
ISBN-10 0-9770429-8-7

The astonishing story of one man and one family who went from hardworking immigrants to wealth and political power within two generations.

"...fascinating on every page. [The author has] done a great job of bringing to life a very complicated story. It's a memorable view of another kind of Irish experience in America."

Thomas Fleming,
Best selling author (recently Mysteries of My Father)

"Eddie Breen was a legendary figure in Ohio political life. ...the book portrays a fascinating array of people in an America that no longer exists, chronicling their rise from poor immigrants to citizens solidly woven into the fabric of the nation. It is a story that we all should read and remember, as it reminds us what has made this country great."

From the preface by the Honorable Tony P. Hall,
United Nations Ambassador, former Ohio Congressman,
and three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee

ISBN-13 978-0-977042989-2, $19.95, 20 per carton. 250 pages, Softcover, 6x9 in. Over 140 black and white images including photos, drawings, and maps. Includes index and genealogy. Categories include: American History, American Politicians, Biography, Ohio, Maine, Dayton, nonfiction.


The astonishing story of one man and one family who went from hardworking immigrants to wealth and political power. It is a cultural history of America from the mid-19th through the mid-20th centuries, as the central character and his extended family encountered the luminaries of their day who were shaping ideas and history, featuring for example: Ohio Governor and newspaper magnate Jim Cox, Aviator Amelia Earhart, Miss America, presidents Harry S. Truman and, John F. Kennedy, and many more.

The book includes:

- The classic American "rags to riches" saga of a German ancestor who entered the country as a poor tailor only to emerge from the Civil War a wealthy man after inventing a process for mass producing uniforms for the Union Army; and

- The uneducated son of an Irish immigrant who went on to become one of the nation's leading hoteliers; and

- The son of that hotelier ("Lucky Eddie" of the title), who through a combination of luck, charm, intelligence, and leadership ability, became friends with everyone from hotel barmen to Amelia Earhart while serving as the youngest manager of a luxury hotel in the United States before going on to a successful military and political career.

The book illustrates themes such as the importance of telling family stories, generation to generation, and how that enriches lives; racial and religious tolerance; and the importance of service.

Especially compelling are Edward G. Breen's stories from his service in the Mediterranean theater during World War II, and his sister Mary Louise Breen's service in Europe during the same period (it is believed she was a spy for the OSS). Breen collected a treasure trove of photographs at the time of the conflict, many of which appear in the book.

The family saved documentation throughout the entire time period covered by the book which is richly illustrated.

About the Author

The author is an Ohio native and school teacher who has spent a lifetime traveling in Europe, North Africa, and the Americas. A graduate of Capital University who has done post-graduate work at Antioch University, he is married to Catherine Taylor, a writer and former magazine editor. They and their two sons live in the Dayton area and spend summers at their home in coastal Maine.

Edward Focke Breen, author of Lucky Eddie, The Life, Times and Family of former U.S. Congressman Edward G. Breen

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