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Essays On Pittsburgh by two of its leading writers.

Mendelson shows us the heart,
and Hazo the soul of Pittsburgh.

Two book combo. Essays by Abby Mendelson and Samuel Hazo explore the heart and soul of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, its people, its neighborhoods, its history and heritage. By two of Pittsburgh's top authors.

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Title 1: Pittsburgh, a place in time.
Author: Abby Mendelson
2nd Edition, revised and enlarged
List Price: $19.95, ISBN 0-9711835-7-0.

Title 2: The Pittsburgh that stays within you.
Author: Samuel Hazo
with art by Robert Qualters
4th Edition, revised and enlarged
List Price: $21.95, ISBN 0-9744715-0-X.


Samuel Hazo's eloquent essays, with b&W images of Robert Qualters art, capture the spirit, even the soul of Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, walk the streets of Pittsburgh's neighborhoods with Abby Mendelson and find the heart of the city's neighbohoods--its people.

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Pittsburgh, a place in time, by Abby Mendelson.

The Pittsburgh that stays within you, by Samuel Hazo.

Subject categories include local history, heritage, essays, memoir, non-fiction, neighborhoods, cities, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, art, paintings, and poets.

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